B. R., architect

There are times when a lawyer’s keen eye is worth many, many times his fee. I told Lance Davidson to his face that he is a fantastic lawyer, and now I’m telling you. As a result of Lance’s review of a contract-and his review directly contradicted my California attorney’s earlier review of the same contract-I was able to get four times more on the return on my investment. Years earlier, I had entered into a partnership agreement to acquire valuable land, and my partner had written in terms into our contract that were very favorable to himself. I made changes to the contract, and overlooked the fact that my partner had not agreed to all my changes. My California attorney reviewed the contract and told me I had surrendered my rights. Ugh. Lance, not only licensed in Arizona but also California, however, arrived at the opposite conclusion. So I hired Lance to represent me. He sent two letters, one to my business partner and the other to the escrow company involved in the transaction in which my partner was scheduled to take the lion’s share of the sale proceeds. Within a few months, as a direct result of Lance’s insight and execution, I received in cash four times what I had thought I was entitled to, based on the earlier legal opinion from my former attorney. And Lance’s fee for good advice was far cheaper-less than one-third-than the fee I paid my former attorney for bad advice, and was dwarfed by my proceeds from the deal.