Innovative Legal Problem-Solving

  • Extricated Client from expensive, ‘inextricable’ equipment lease at no cost by confronting Lessor with illegal independent contractor status
  • Obtained 300% sales price over Fair Market Value for undeveloped land for client by securing admission from assemblage buyer of deferred cost of improvements
  • Saved client in litigation $240,000 by creating successful legal strategy of mathematical model of Landlord’s improper rental accountings strategy
  • Designed & implemented Partnership “buy-in” with complete managing authority, but without any downpayment or majority ownership
  • Saved destitute, suicide-prone Client her home that had already been foreclosed, and obtained for her restructuring of her loan with deferred payments and substantial cash into Client’s pocket
  • Cleared chain of title for junior lienholder with mechanic’s lien and secured property after being outbid by third party at sheriff sale
  • Increased real property’s value 35% by advising client how to extract admission against interest by ground landlord
  • Organized tailor-made film production company to shield film producer from securities claims by film investors & draft collateral documents to help bring feature film to market
  • Drafted an agreement for client that not only protected its professional license from jeopardy but also produced a large unanticipated financial opportunity [by client] when the principal sought to circumvent client